15 Incredible Plum Lipstick Shades

  1. Sheer Plum

This velvet matte lipstick is perfect for dark skin tones. This product is not sheer, despite the name. This lipstick is perfect for everyday use because it’s super hydrating, high-quality, and great for daily wear. 


Ultra Gliding Shine Oils give a silky smooth application 

-Jojoba oil provides perfect hydration, up to 4 H 

-Colors remain true for up to 6H 


Some people may find it too extreme. 

For dry lips, it is slightly drying

  1. Pretty in Plum

Maybelline’s plum lipstick has a creamy texture that glides on easily. These sensational lipsticks are rich in honey nectar and can create vibrant, crisp colours.

It’s the kind of colour you would save for a night out.


-Great pigmentation 

-Doesn’t dry out lips 

-Doesn’t bleed 

-Buildable colour


-Artificial Scent

  1. Bombshell Berry

This vibrant, vivid shade of plum lipstick by Nykaa is great for work and dinner dates. This matte, soft lipstick will give you a flawless pout.


-Extreme colour intensity 

-Soft matte finish 

– One stroke application 

-Consists of nutrient-infused butter and Vitamin E

  1. True Oxblood

Are you a little too sun-kissed at the beach? This deep, plum lipstick shade in burgundy has a hint of purple and red. Sugar cosmetics is a vegan cosmetics company, making their products great for conscious consumers.


-Gorgeously matte 

-Creamy texture, soft on the lips 

-Neither drying nor moisturizing-moisturizing


Available only online 

Flathead tip

  1. Not so wine

This lipstick is a little more violet than wine. It’s perfect for those with dark skin tones. This lipstick is also an excellent nude choice for those who prefer a touch of purple and not a plain-coloured brown.


-Flavourful and creamy 

-Coverslips with pigmented lipsticks 

-Lasts all day with minimal fade


-Dash of shimmer

  1. Lakme WM10

This plum lipstick looks great on pale skin colours as it is more magenta-side plum. This lipstick will be brighter than the usual darker plums. A quick tip: Apply your first coat and then blot again to achieve a vibrant colour.


-Colour can be built 

-True matte finish 

-Does not crease


Highlights dry areas of the lips 

-Settles to fine lines 

-Leaves the lips dry

  1. Exorcism

This rich plum lipstick shade is suitable for all skin tones. The plum looks almost like a merlot but has a hint of purple. This product is also long-wearable, which is great for those who go out all night.


-Super long-lasting 

-Extremely pigmented 


  1. Plum Desire

We like that this product isn’t as pigmented as other brands. You can adjust the intensity of the plum colour. You can use it as sheer lipstick for daytime or take your time and apply several coats to get a deeper hue.


-Descent pigmentation 

-Hydrating the lips


-Staying power could be better

  1. Plum Shine

While we all know that matte lips are the best, sometimes a girl needs some high-shine gloss. We love this Lakme glittery gloss! Glosses can be applied over any base you choose and will go well with all skin tones.


-Staying power can be a good thing. 

-Good pigmentation. 

-Does not bleed or stain. 

-MoisturizingMoisturizing for dry lips

Juicy PlumThis beauty will appeal to those who are passionate about plum shades.

This gorgeous aubergine plum colour has a creamy matte finish. This lip colour is richly infused with Moroccan argan oil. It has intense pigmentation and the power to nourish your lips. This shade is perfect for traditional parties, and it suits all Indian skin types perfectly.

Ladies! This plum shade is beautiful, whether you like plum or not!


-Stays for at least 6-7 hours 

-MoisturizeMoisturize the lips very well 

Even after eating, leaves can leave a beautiful stain.


-Transfers a lot

  1. Brocade

Bobbi Brown is well-known for her stunning shades that match any skin tone. Lipstick lives up to this standard. This shade will suit deep brown skin. The plum lipstick colour picks up the warm tones of your skin. The plum lipstick colour is not for boys!


Extremely creamy lipstick 

-Richly pigmented 

-Infused With Vitamin C and Vitamin E 



-Fades easily, smears easily

  1. Always Plum

This shade borders on neutral and can be used with any makeup. It doesn’t take away from the overall look. This shade is perfect for long workdays or longer dates. It provides 14 hours of coverage.


– Lasts up to 8-9 hours 

-Very pigmented 

– Shelf Life of 30 Months


-Not transferable.

  1. Rebel

Your plum pout packs a punch! When you don’t want to be too bold with your makeup or outfits, this bright purple-plum shade is a perfect choice. This plum shade can be used on any skin tone. However, it is best for those skilled at wearing strong colours.


-Lightweight, creamy texture 

-Richly pigmented formula 

Hydrating for lips 

-Stays for 6-8 hours

  1. Roses in the Fall

This mauve-plum purple lip gloss looks best on light skin tones, but it can be used with a darker lipstick. This gloss has a high shine and fine glitter specs for an added effect. This one is for the more feminine, younger girly girls.


-Very pigmented 


It-Super matte yet super comfortable


-The Applicator is not for beginners.

  1. Plum Lip Pencil

good lip liner can sometimes make or break lipstick. This lip pencil by M.A.C comes in various plum shades and can be used with any lipstick. You can give your classic nude a plum twist or go fuller for a more pouty look.


-Highly pigmented 

-Lasts long 

-Reachable easily and quickly


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