You are wrong if you thought Kim Kardashian spares a fortune to keep her apricot-and-cream-like complexion glowing! This beauty trick gives Kim Kardashian a radiant glow from the first day. It is simple and effective. She doesn’t need any fancy products or messy DIY face masks. All she needs is some ice cubes to solve her skincare issues. Kim wakes up every morning with the ritual of dipping her face in ice-cold water. You read that correctly!

We all need to feel cool and relieve the summer heat. What better way to cool down than with cold and chilled ice? Although chilled drinks seem like paradise in summer, imagine the benefits they can have for your skin! Ice’s hydrating properties help soothe inflammation, reduce burning sensations, close pores, and give your skin a radiant glow. To stimulate the lymphatic system to drain and reduce puffiness, wrap a few ice cubes in a linen towel around your entire face.

Use Ice on Your Skin for Health

We are certain that ice facials are a key to glowing skin, and this is the best time to start this beauty trend in your skincare routine. Here’s the deal!

1. Increases blood circulation

Applying ice to your face in the morning will improve blood circulation, promoting glowing skin. It can also provide a soothing feeling to your skin.

2. Acne

Did you know that icing can also reduce and ease acne? It is the best natural way to get rid of those unwanted zits and breakouts. Ice can be used on acne-prone skin to reduce redness, irritation, and possible signs of acne.

3. Lessens Pores

Enlarged skin pores can cause dirt and other substances to stick to the skin. Ice facials are a great option. This is a great way of reducing the appearance of your pores and minimizing their size. Ice acts as a natural moisturizer and reduces the production of sebum.

4. Skin irritation

A soothing effect; you can make chamomile tea, freeze it, and rub the chilled block. Rub ice on your eyebrows and upper lips if they feel raw after oil waxing or threading. This will reduce any redness or dermatitis.

5. Reduces Skin Inflammation

Ice is well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is an excellent choice to relieve the heat stress and inflammation resulting from the summer heat. Ice can also reduce puffiness around the eyes, mouth and nose.

6. Makes Your Makeup Stay Longer

Before applying makeup, dip your face in a bowl full of ice water for five minutes. After you have rinsed your face, dry it with a towel. You will notice a difference in the longevity of your makeup if you do this. This simple yet effective technique is a favorite of Korean beauty pageants.

7. Eliminates Dark Circles

After a night out, ice cubes can be applied under the eyes to reduce dark circles. Mix rose water with cucumber juice and freeze it. Then, apply the ice cubes to your eyes. You will see visible results after repeating the process a few more times.

Ice water has many old-school benefits, including keeping your skin firm and glowing and reducing dark circles and acne. You may feel your skin numb as you continue the ritual. However, it is worth repeating the process twice to thrice per week.

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