Best Lip Products – Including go-to balms, glosses, treatments, and stain

It can be difficult to find the best lip products, to put it mildly. There are thousands of lip products on the market. Unfortunately, many of them are either too drying, sticky, or smudgy.

We did all the legwork for you to help you find the best. We’ve selected the top lip products to win our 2021 Healthy Beauty Awards. We have the perfect lip product for you, whether you are looking for a new balm, low-maintenance lip colour, a deeply hydrating lip treatment, or a pencil that makes wearing lipstick easy.

What should you look for when choosing lip products?

Expert testers reviewed the winners and selected them based on dermatologist guidelines. Many of them contain hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and dimethicone–ingredients our derms recommend for adding moisture–and seal in moisture with hydrating oils like coconut oil and sunflower seed oil.

Best Lipstick: YSL Beauty Rouge Pur Couture Slim Glow Matte Lipstick

Lipsticks- especially those in bold colours- are notoriously hit or miss. This one works. The YSL Slim Glow Matte Lipstick ticks all the boxes. It’s a compact lipstick that is easy to apply; its matte finish gives it a natural glow; it has hydrating ingredients; it can be used as a lip balm underneath or over it, and it comes with a variety of shades. You don’t need anything else. Full ingredients list.

Experts give you bonus points: A matte lipstick can provide the perfect finish without drying out your skin. The second ingredient in this YSL lipstick, dimethicone (which our dermatologists recommend as a great way to lock in hydration), is what makes it shine.

One tester stated: “I have officially (and accidentally!) found my It colour- I cannot say enough great things about Shade 207. The sharp edge makes it easy to apply and works well with lip balm.

Best Lip Stain: Patrick Ta Beauty Monochrome moment Precision Lip Crayon

The lip stain by Patrick Ta, a well-known makeup artist, was loved by our testers. Not only for its product but also the packaging. It comes in a gorgeous gold case that offers a luxurious experience. You can also use the button at the bottom to extend the lipstick’s reach, just like a pen. The pencil tip is angled, which allows for perfect precision. View the complete ingredients list.

The experts give you a bonus point: This lip stain is loaded with film-forming agents or polymers that make a smooth, flexible film. It will last hours and go on smoothly.

One user said that it was creamy and saturated with rich colours. It applies smoothly and feels luxurious. The packaging was also better than any other lip colour I have tried. It feels soft and rich on the lips. Highly recommended!

Augustinus Bader’s The Lip Balm is the Best Luxurious Lip Balm

We mean it when we say this lip balm is splurge-worthy. It retails at $38 per tube, but our testers agree that it is worth it. Augustinus Bader, a luxury skin-care brand, delivers a lip balm that has everything you need. The balm leaves lips with a soft, buttery feeling and natural glow. It also protects against cracks, windburn, redness, and dehydration. Augustinus Bader products also feature TFC8(r), the brand’s patented amino-acid-and-vitamin technology that nourishes and renews skin. 

The experts give you a bonus point: This product has bisabolol, a nonirritant and soothes the skin. Vitamin E and candelilla wax, an alternative to beeswax, moisturize the skin.

One user said: “This lip balm is my favourite. This is a great product. It’s soft and hydrating. There is very little smell or taste. My lips did not experience any problems, including peeling or cracks at the corners. This lip balm is also very long-lasting. One application will be enough.


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