Glowing Skin: Makeup or Health?

glowing skin
Glowing skin got so trendy these days, and almost every major makeup brand offers their own solutions and products aimed to gain that glowing skin. However, it's fair to say, that it's always a good idea to consider both skin looks and skin health. With such approach, you are looking to get a truly awesome result. Now, let us consider 3 important factors that will help you get hands on those trendy makeup ideas that are so popular among beauty bloggers, photographers, shown in beauty magazines, etc.

1. Health. Taking care of your health is crucial for even complexion. It is important to watch, what you eat and drink. When there are certain problems, it is a good idea to adjust your ratio. Try to eat less fat, less spice and limit salt. More water in your daily ratio will make your skin more nourished and will minimize lines. Dairy products also positively influence condition of your skin, so consider adding them to your daily ratio. If you want to go the healthiest way, you may be interested in cooking yogurts by yourself. Kefir grains will also be of help for those, who plan on practicing healthy nutrition skin will benefit from.

2. Hygiene. Dirt is often cause of many skin problems, that's why proper skin treatment and adherence to basic hygiene rules are very important. Clean your skin twice a day using solutions that are created for specific skin types. When you wash your face, it's better to use paper wipes, rather than regular towels. Before applying any kind of cream or foundation, make sure your hands are thoroughly clean. And do not forget to clean your brushes and beauty blenders at least twice a week.

3. Makeup. Now, it's time to speak of makeup. When there are red spots, or skin is prone to acne, it will take you some effort to create that look. You may use concealer to mask skin imperfections. Sometimes, concealer has to be used on wider areas. If that is the case, you may use concealer as foundation. However, this should be done only when you badly need perfect makeup, not on daily basis. Next, apply foundation with thick coverage and fix it with loose powder. Lastly, apply highlighter for that glowing effect.