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What if makeup did more than just cover up imperfections? What if it helped you express your personality? If you like to live un-apologetically, Lime Crime is for you! Lime Crime are an independent team of makeup lovers from Los Angeles, committed to producing the most kick-ass, true-to-color, cruelty-free cosmetics.

Lime Crime beauty products: Overview

Lime Crime is the brand, that knows, what standing out from the rest means. Their beauty products are that popular not only because of the excellent quality and formula that’s so easy to work with. Makeup addicts from Australia, Canada, America and other countries truly appreciate the way Lime Crime designs their products and turns the makeup application process into a real fairy tale, full of mermaids, unicorns and other magic creatures we used to see in the tales and cartoons we enjoyed in childhood. Every Lime Crime palette or brush set is something you will definitely want to add to your beauty bag, not only because of colors, but also due to unique packaging and design they feature.


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Consumer surveys that have been recently conducted among the makeup addicts clearly show, that the most popular makeup product is matte lipstick by Lime Crime. Venus 2 is the most popular eye shadow palette by this makeup brand. Below is the list of the most popular beauty products by Lime Crime (, that are definitely worth trying out!

  • Lime Crime Velvetines matte lipstick;
  • Diamond Crushes lipgloss by Lime Crime;
  • Venus 2 eyeshadow palette;
  • Aquarium Brushes set;
  • Unicorn Hair in Bunny by Lime Crime;
  • Plushies Quad eye shadow palette;
  • Pocket Candy Palettes;
  • Diamond Dew liquid sparkling eye shadows;
  • Wet Cherry lip gloss;
  • Venus XL eyeshadow palette.

World of makeup is so diverse, and there are so many well-known brands that compete for your business! We at Lipstick Republic know, how important it is to pick the right beauty tool or makeup product, that will meet your needs, expectations and budget. That’s why we offer only the well-known products by the brands that are known worldwide! Palettes by Anastasia Beverly Hills and Lime Crime, cruelty-free lashes by Tarte, brushes made of unicorn … and that’s not the complete list! We know, what custom approach to makeup means, and if that is something you are into, you should definitely consider Z-Palette for your beauty bag!

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