Velour Lashes Australia
Based out of Toronto, Velour Lashes offers the sophisticated woman 100% authentic mink lashes - custom designed to suit your preference and to help you achieve the look you desire. A must-have makeup accessory, our lashes are handmade from the highest quality product and offer a full and luscious frame to your eyes, no matter what the occasion.

What's the Velour Lashes mission? Ultimately, we want all women to feel beautiful and confident each and every day, and sometimes all it takes to get there is a bit of ‘oomph’ with Velour Lashes. Our 100% natural mink hair is free from any chemical processing or dyes. Velour mink is collected from free-range zoos and recycled during the shedding seasons, it's then sterilized to ensure it is completely safe for use and is 100% Cruelty Free!

Due to being natural, Velour Lashes can be used up to 25 times if treated right. You can curl them or just leave as they are, in any case you will gain that natural and feathery look. Unlike plastic lashes that you can find in the drugstores, velour lashes are not heavy, so they do not feel irritating on the eyelid. Due to being natural, Velour Lashes are easy to apply, and creating natural look won’t take a lot of effort.


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Key features:

  • 100% natural;
  • Cruelty free;
  • Made of mink;
  • Can be used up to 25 times;
  • Require simple maintenance;
  • Can be curled just like real lashes;
  • Application takes under 10 minutes.