Ensure the correct lipstick shade for your outfit if you are already dressed. Start preparing for your wedding season by stocking up on the amazing shades that you will need.

Preparing ahead is important if you are getting married or planning on attending several weddings and parties. Last-minute decisions can cause panic and stress, as we all know. Plan things in advance. Many online stores and websites offer makeup products and outfits at a discount. Take this opportunity to ensure you have everything you need for your wedding.

Also, make sure you keep your makeup tools in top shape, especially your lipsticks. Although we tend to use more plums and nude colours throughout the year, this time of year is the perfect opportunity to try out new shades.

The options are endless, from red and berries to dark browns to plum nudes. There are certain main lipstick colours you should have in your makeup bag to create any look you want. These shades are perfect for any occasion, from pre-wedding celebrations to New Year’s parties to Thanksgiving dinner.

If you’re looking for a guideline to help you choose the right shades that go with every outfit, you can see our shade palette below.

The nude palette

A nude palette is essential for every girl when choosing lipstick colours. A nude palette is a collection of shades that range from the darkest brown to the most vibrant mauve. These colours are close to your lips so that they can be worn with any outfit. It’s easy to top it with sheer lipstick.

Deep berry

A berry shade is the best choice for your lipstick collection. This shade is gorgeous and works well with every skin tone. This lipstick shade can be worn with any ethnic outfit. You can give your lips a little shine by using clear lipstick or keeping them matte.

Mauve matte

This mauve shade is the perfect matte colour. Our lips are usually closest to mauve colour. Mauve is the holy grail for dusky girls. It can be used in both western and traditional outfits.

Pretty in pink

You have a wide range of options for wedding looks. The classic Fuschia rose is a great choice. This timeless colour is a must-have. This shade is perfect for an outfit lighter in colours, such as white, light pink, or dark pink. This classic shade will look great with a pink lehenga.

Red beauty

It doesn’t matter if you have a gold or silver ensemble. Red lipstick should be included in your kit. This lipstick creates the perfect pout. It can be worn with both western and Indian clothes. You don’t need much makeup if you don’t care for it. Just apply mascara and a red lip.


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