Although cleaning makeup brushes can seem tedious, it is essential to keep them free of bacteria. Regular cleaning helps preserve the appearance and condition of your brushes and eliminates any germs that may be hiding between the hairs.

How should you clean your brushes when it comes down to the matter? A deep cleansing once a week is the best way to clean your brushes as a professional makeup artist. But you have other options. Here’s a list of the many ways to clean your makeup brushes. It might turn out that you enjoy the whole process!


Buy a store-bought cleaner.

Pre-formulated makeup brushes cleansers can be great for those times when time is tight. These cleaners are great for when you’re short on time. Professional makeup artists can use them to keep their brushes clean between clients and models. These cleaners are easy to use. Spray or pour the solution on your brush, then rub it with a towel or cloth to remove any product residue. Parian Spirit Cleaner or Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner are two recommended products.


Dish soap and baby shampoos are available.

Castille soaps like Dr Bronners, baby shampoos and dish soaps can clean brushes. Remember that dish soap is concentrated and can remove grease and buildup. To make it easier for your bristles to pick up liquid soaps or shampoos, be sure first to get them.

You can also find bar soaps specifically designed to clean makeup brushes, such as this one by Beautyblender.


Use a dry shampoo for your makeup brushes.

Is there a dry shampoo that can be used to clean makeup brushes? Although it might sound like a headache, dry shampoo can clean makeup brushes. We spoke with Anisa Tewar Kaicker to learn more about this method of cleaning brushes. She is also the CEO and Founder of makeup brush brand Anisa beauty for her expert advice. She says that dry shampoos are safe for daily or weekly makeup brush usage. When I use a brush, I wipe off any excess product with a paper towel or a cloth. I will then add the Anisa beauty Quick-Dry Cleaner Spray, depending on how inventive I was with the product to clean the brush hairs.

This method is effective for cleaning brushes. Kaicker reiterates that dry shampoo is extremely effective and can be used for travel or to clean the brushes after each use. It removes dirt and surface oil for daily use and does not require water.

Reach For Gloves

One of the best ways to clean makeup brushes is to wear rubber gloves. Apply cleanser to your palm, then wet the brushes. Finally, rub the cleanser into the brushes to give them a thorough clean. You can rinse your makeup brushes in lukewarm water. Then, use your hands to squeeze out any excess and let them dry flat overnight. You can use your naked hands if you don’t own gloves. Just make sure the water isn’t too hot to avoid discomfort.

Kaicker suggests giving your new makeup brushes a shampoo right away if they are brand-new. Kaicker advises that new brushes be washed before being used for the first time. Brushes should be cleaned before you touch them to your skin, just like your undergarments.


Use a Silicone Cleaning Pad

A silicone brush cleansing pad with small raised bumps or grooves on it can gently remove any impurities while maintaining the quality of your hair. Pour the cleaner onto the pad, and then swirl your brush in a circular motion to remove the product.

Rinse your brush and repeat the process on the pad if it isn’t completely clean. This is my favourite method to clean brushes. Sigma Beauty Spa Express brush cleaning mat is an excellent tool for brush cleaning.


Use a brush cleaning machine.

It is unnecessary to clean every brush individually to have the machine do it all for you. Makeup brush cleaning machines can clean and dry your brushes quickly. You can use your favourite cleanser to clean your brushes, then insert them into the machine. The machine will move your brushes while adding a cleanser to give you a clean and bubbly look. Some machines have an internal drying function to speed up drying times.


DIY Your Solution

You can make your brush cleaning solution! It’s possible to make your brush cleansing solution with just a few ingredients. Apple cider vinegar is a popular ingredient for homemade cleaning products. Combine one teaspoon of vinegar with one cup of warm water. If you don’t like the vinegar smell, you can add lemon juice to the mixture. Apply the solution to each brush head and rinse off.

You might have several brushes to clean. Refill your bowl at least three times to ensure that you don’t get all your brushes in filthy water.


Be sure to disinfect.

You should disinfect your brushes after washing them. Although most soaps and other store-bought cleaners have anti-microbial and disinfecting ingredients, you should disinfect your makeup brushes at least once per month with rubbing alcohol. If you are a professional makeup artist, it is important to disinfect your brushes between each use.

Spray the alcohol directly onto bristles and then wipe it off with a towel. Be sure to clean the brush handles after using alcohol. Many brushes have natural hairs.

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