Do you think you can apply to Mascara on your own? You might not be able to apply to Mascara without a tutorial. You might be missing mascara tips that you aren’t aware of.

How often have we seen people in public toilets aggressively pump their mascara wand into the tube before applying it again? Professional makeup artists say that this is a bad idea. Have you ever thought about cleaning your lashes before applying Mascara to ensure that your wand is clean? Yes, it’s possible.

1. You can mix and match mascaras to volumize, curl, lengthen and volumize.

Layering is key to achieving the perfect overall mascara look. Inglessis told SELF that not every Mascara can do all things. What is your priority? “What’s your priority?” You may need to experiment with different formulas to find the right combination that doesn’t cause annoying clumps. However, a high-quality mascara formula won’t clump if applied correctly, both vertically and horizontally.

2. Before you reach for the mascara wand, curl your lashes. 

Always curl your lashes before you apply Mascara. You risk losing your lashes if you do it the wrong way. Inglessis states that curling lashes can cause them to fall apart if they are already coated. The Mascara creates an intense, unnatural curl that will make the curl look funkier.

3. To prevent eye irritation, clean your lashes.

Allen suggests that you prepare your eyelashes before applying Mascara, regardless of whether you use an eyelash curler or not.

4. Here are some tips to prevent and fix smudges.

The worst thing about Mascara is its smudges on your eyes while it’s still damp. Inglessis advises keeping your eyes closed for at least a few seconds after applying Mascara. This is especially important if you have long hair. To remove a smudge quickly, you can use a Q-tip coated in makeup remover.

5. Use a lash primer to give shorter lashes a boost.

Do you want a dramatic, bolder mascara before and after look? Even if your lashes are short and thin, you can achieve dramatic lash extensions. Allen recommends that you first apply a lash primer (such as Urban Decay Subversion Eyelash Primer) to fill in any lashes that aren’t full enough. To add volume to the lashes, Allen suggests that you apply an additional coat of Mascara in the darkest black.

6. You can use the mascara wand horizontally or vertically.

We all know that Mascara is applied by wiggling your mascara wand at the base. To coat your lashes, you must also turn the mascara wand vertically. Inglessis states that this will allow you to reach the root of your top lashes. Inglessis suggests that you use a windshield wiper to clean the roots of your lashes. The wand should be held vertically. Next, coat the bottom lashes with the same technique.

7. Cover both your lashes.

This tip is for light-haired people! It would help if you only coated the bottom of your lashes with Mascara. To achieve a darker and more vibrant effect, brush the top of your upper lashes with the mascara wand. Next, brush the underside of your lashes. Inglessis states that you should start with the top to avoid weighing the lashes down. You will get product all over your eyelashes.

8. Use a tissue, so you don’t smudge your bottom lashes.

It’s a skill that requires a lot of practice to apply Mascara to your bottom eyelashes. Anyone who has ever looked like he was a doll knows exactly what we mean. Allen suggests that you use the tip of your brush to apply the Mascara to each lash. It’s tedious but will reduce smudging. Allen suggests that you apply Mascara to your bottom eyelashes by placing tissue between the bottom lash line and you are undereye. The tissue will absorb any mascara that is left over.

9. Do not pump your mascara wand into the bottle to extract more product.

This is a common mascara error. Pumping can cause unwanted air to enter the bottle and dry out your product, resulting in a spidery look on your lashes. Instead, twist the tube to extract all product.

10. Be sure to remove excess Mascara from the end of the wand.

Do you find Mascara that sticks to your eyes from the wand? It’s possible that mascara clumps at the tip of your wand didn’t get wiped off. To get rid of excess Mascara, use a paper towel or the tube’s edge to wipe it off before you begin combing your lashes. Inglessis states that a quality mascara should have a well-designed wand.


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