Your face shape is a significant factor in how you look. But, have you ever wondered what factors can help determine your face shape. Several factors will help you determine your face shape. Everything from the makeup you use to the accessories you wear is affected by your face shape. Have you ever wondered why certain makeup looks great on celebrities but not on you? Your face shape also affects how you choose to style your makeup and haircuts. If you’re curious about your face shape, read on!

How to determine the shape of your face?

These are some tips to help you determine the shape of your face.

  • The largest part of your face.
  • Your jaw shape
  • Your face length

Step 1: Locate the Widest Part of Your Face

  • Forehead: A heart-shaped face has a wide forehead and gradually narrows towards the chin. This is also known as the inverted triangle.
  • Cheekbones: Is your face widest near your cheekbones? This is the case for a diamond-shaped face.
  • Jaw: If your jaw is at the widest point of your face, then your jaw shape is triangular or pear.
  • Equal: If your forehead and cheekbones are equal, your face shape may be oval, square, or round.

Step 2: The shape of your jaw

  • Pointy: If your chin is pointed and your jaws meet at a distinct point, you have a heart-shaped facial shape.
  • Square: A square-shaped face has a strong, wide jaw. You could also have a triangle or diamond-shaped face if your jaw isn’t strong enough.
  • Round: If your jaw is rounded, you likely have an oval- or round face.

Step 3: The length of your face

  • The short version: To determine the length of your face, draw a line horizontally under your eyes and vertically at the top of the head. This will allow you to measure the distance between your nose and chin. A round face is defined by one to one horizontal, vertical ratio.
  • Average: The average face is usually shorter than it is wide. If the faces’ vertical to horizontal ratio is one to one-and-a-half, then that’s the average shape. This is what most people have.
  • Long: A longer face is more likely to be described as having a longer lower half than the average. This means that the vertical to horizontal ratio is between one-half and two-and-a-half. This could be you.

Different Face Shapes

Round Face

When the vertical to the horizontal ratio of your face is equal, you have a round face. Your features are soft and round. Your chin is likely to be round. Your cheeks, which are the largest part of your face, are round, giving it its rounded shape.

Celebrities with Round Faces:

Makeup Tips For A Round Face

  1. Curled Eyebrows: If you have a round face, adding definition and lines to your makeup is always better. It would be best if you had defined brows. Avoid keeping your eyebrows around as it will make your face appear longer. While shaping and filling your eyebrows, go for an angled arch.
  2. Contour: Shape those cheeks! If you have a round face, the cheeks are likely to be the largest part of your face. Contouring can help give your face depth and dimension.
  3. Blush Some people believe that blush is not necessary for chubby cheeks. A shimmery blush will give your cheeks a healthy glow and enhance them.

Hairstyles For A Round-Shaped Face

  • All-in-One Pixie
  • Asymmetrical Lob

Oval Face

An oval shape is a shorter version of the round face. While your chin remains rounded, the length of the face is longer than its width. Your forehead is likely the largest part of your face.

Celebrities with Oval Faces:

Makeup tips for an oval-shaped face

  1. Balance Keep your eyes and lips balanced. If you want to use heavy eye makeup, such as smokey, make sure your lips are simple and not too heavy.
  2. Naturally, Arched Brows Keep your brows natural. Do not try to make it too dramatic. Don’t overpluck them. A clean, straight eyebrow shape is what you want.
  3. Highlighter: A highlighter can help in bringing certain features forward. You can apply this to your oval-shaped nose, forehead, cheekbones, and top of your cheekbones.

Hairstyles For An Oval-Shaped Face

  • Side Swept Pixie
  • All-in-One Bob

Square Face

People with square faces have straight sides and a minimal curve at their chin. They also have an angled jaw. The proportionality of the face is also evident. The vertical to horizontal ratio is almost one to one.

Makeup tips for a square-shaped face

  1. Contour the Sharp Angles: You likely have a large face if you have a square-shaped jaw. The sharp angles of a square-shaped face can be softened by contouring.
  2. Highlight To enhance certain facial features, you can use the highlighting technique. If you have a square face, apply a concealer one shade lighter to your forehead and below your hollows. This will create a perfect balance for contouring the jawline.
  3. Dramatic lips: Your jaws should be lowered, and your lips visible. The best way to do this is to draw attention to your lips. Bold! Depending on your preference, you can choose a bold color, such as coral, red or purple.

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