A perfect lips’ shape means a perfect pout! Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with this beauty. Every lip shape is beautiful, but thin or uneven lips can be difficult to work with. Many makeups and beauty tricks can help you get plump lips.

Not everyone is blessed with juicy plump pouts. But if you know how to apply lipstick on thin lips, you can accentuate your natural features too. The right shade and texture of lipstick can instantly take your appearance from drab to fav. And trust us, you do not need naturally fuller lips to create an appealing look. Just a smooth glide of your lip shade will do the trick. Scroll down for the deets.

The perfect pout takes practice and effort. Swipe up to see how you can make your lips appear balanced and luscious!

What You Will Need?

  • A lip pencil
  • Lipstick
  • A lip conditioner/lip primer
  • Concealer

How to get perfect lips with makeup?

Let’s talk about how to achieve the perfect lips look.

Analyze your Lip Shape

To create the perfect lips makeup, first, examine your lips. It is easier to create a balanced look for your lips once you know their shape. You can make your lips look beautiful and flawless with effective makeup tricks.

Hydrate your Lips

To hydrate your lips, apply a lip balm/lip conditioning. Allow it to settle for 3-4 minutes.

A lip scrub is recommended for dry or flaky lips. Lip scrubs can remove deep flakes, dryness, chapped skin and make it easier to apply lipstick. The lips are left smooth and flawless, thanks to this scrub.

Start the lip makeup with the lip pencil you choose. You will need to make sure that the pencil is sharp to precise your lips.

Line Your Lips

Begin by lining your lips beginning at the Cupid’s bow. Continue to the corners following the natural lip shape.

Depending on your desired balance, you can either overdraw or underdraw your lips.

This model has a thinner upper lip than her lower lip. I have therefore overdrawn her lips. It is best not to go above the natural lip line, as it might look unnatural.

Finish the Lining

Next, continue the same steps with the lower lip. Start at the middle of your lip and work your way to the corner.

You can also use the pencil to fill in your lips while outlining their lip. This provides a solid base for your lipstick color and helps it last longer.


Apply the lipstick to the entire lip using a thin brush. Fill in the lips evenly.

Correct the Flaws

After applying the lipstick, fix any imperfections, crooked lines, or unfinished looks with a small flat brush and concealer/foundation in a shade that matches your skin tone. Balance your lips to correct the edges.

And, you are done!

Final Look

Botox is not necessary to achieve perfect lips. This easy tutorial will show you how to make your lips look amazing without spending a fortune. Don’t forget about the most basic function of your lips: smiling!


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