Your lips are the most important part of any makeup kit. They can either make or break your look. If you’re looking for ways to keep lipsticks from smudging, you have come to the right place. Lipsticks enhance our facial features like no other, regardless of whether they are rosy or juicy pink. It cannot be easy to make your lipstick last without smudging. Although it is annoying to do constant touch-ups, nobody wants their lipstick to be ruined before they go. We will show you how to make your lipstick last longer and resist smudges. Scroll down to find out more!

How to Stop Lipstick Bleeding?

What You Will Need?

  • Lip Primer
  • Lip Pencil
  • Lipstick
  • Concealer/Foundation
  • Compact Powder
  • Tissue Paper

How to Keep Lipstick from Smudging? – Step By Step Tutorial

For lipstick that lasts the day and night, read this…

Step 1: Preparing the Lips

Apply a lip balm/lip conditioning to your lips before applying any lip balm. The lip balm/lip conditioner will soften your lips and make it easy to apply makeup. Apply a foundation/concealer to the lips and then set it with a compact for flawless makeup. This helps keep your lipstick intact.

Step 2: Line your lips with a lip pencil

Begin by lining your lips with a pencil. After drawing the lips, use the same lipstick pencil to fill in the rest of the lip area. Apply the lipstick to your lips. This tutorial uses matte lipstick in a bright red shade. After applying lipstick, dust some powder onto the lips using a small fluffy brush. Allow it to rest for five to ten seconds. Here, I used transparent finishing powder.

Step 3: Mixing the Powder

Take a small flat brush and use it to sweep the powder over your lips until you achieve the desired matte look. Blend the powder.

This helps seal the color of the lips and prevents them from smudging.

Step 4: Remove Excess Lipstick

After completing Step 3, fold a piece of tissue paper in half. The tissue should be placed between your upper and bottom lips. Blot excess lipstick as shown in the photo.

This technique will not cause your lipstick to appear unevenly or faded. It’s possible to fix it by reapplying the lipstick.

Step 5: Final touch up

Lip gloss fans who love it can apply a thin layer of gloss to the middle of your lips. This will stop the color from bleeding around your lips.


  • Applying a lip primer is the best way to avoid lipstick smudging. It acts as a base and prevents the color from bleeding.
  • You can correct any jaw or lip area unevenness with a concealer or a foundation that matches your skin tone.
  • A lip pencil/liner can be a great base to prevent smudging. Make sure the lip pencil matches your lipstick shade.
  • Applying lipstick to your lips before applying lipstick can help increase its longevity, regardless of whether the formula is good or not.
  • Use a thin brush to apply lipstick. It will give you an even application and reach the corners.
  • Always keep a small amount of lip color in your purse for quick touch-ups.


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