You don’t have to be terrible at makeup, even if you don’t know how eyeshadow works. The problem is that eyeshadow can be difficult to master. You can find thousands of tutorials online that can quickly overwhelm you. It can be difficult and time-consuming to apply eyeshadow properly if you are a beginner. There are many steps to follow, including applying a primer and a crease, highlight, and glitter.

The beauty aisle has 30-piece palettes. This doesn’t simplify matters. We spoke to Joey Maalouf (cofounder of the Glam App) and Lindsay Ebbin (cofounder of beau cosmetics) to help us understand common mistakes people make with eyeshadow. Continue reading to learn how to apply eye shadow like a professional.

1. Mistake: You’re skipping primer.

Our experts agree that eye shadow primer should be used as a first step. Maalouf told SELF that the most common mistake people make is not using a primer, cream shadow, or base before applying powdered eyeshadow. Primers serve many purposes. They can moisturize dry eyes, help shadows last longer and act as a magnet to prevent shadows from slipping off your cheeks. You don’t have to buy a separate product for your makeup kit. A fragrance-free lip balm, salve or any cream can be used as a substitute.

2. Make a mistake: Apply concealer to your eyes before you apply shadow.

Although primer application is essential, it’s possible to skip concealing your eyes and colour correcting your lids when you apply shadow. Maalouf states that sometimes concealer can be too cakey. It changes the colour of your eyeshadow, and it doesn’t look good.

3. Make a mistake: You apply eye makeup before foundation.

Our experts agree that it is best to apply foundation before applying any eye makeup. Maalouf states that she starts with taking care of her skin. It takes me the longest time, but it’s the most important. Instead of using 19 eyeshadows, make your skin perfect with only one eyeshadow.

4. Make a mistake: You buy nude colours that “match” your skin.

This is logical on paper. You can buy a few nude colours to coordinate with any look you’re thinking of. However, this is not the best option for all-purpose makeup. To stand out, it’s better to choose something metallic. Maalouf states that people are afraid of colour, but sometimes colour is less visible than brown or beige. You instinctually want to be neutral but metallic bronze and rose gold can make a difference.

5. Make a mistake: You are using a makeup brush only to apply eyeshadow.

Brushes don’t have to be used every time you want to achieve a great eye look. Your fingers are your best friend and can do many things that a fancy brush cannot. Apply the shadow to your back first for best results. Next, use your middle finger (on the opposite hand) to grab the product and sweep it across your lids. Apply liner to your waterline and lash line for a smokey eye effect. Apply liner to your lash line and waterline. Then, smudge it with your index finger.

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