Do you think you bought the “perfect” shade of makeup in a store only to discover later that it wasn’t your color? Have you ever tried to apply your foundation quickly and realized that it was too light for your skin? Although most foundations will look great on your skin, applying the foundation all over your face is possible.

Here are some tips to fix a light foundation if you have one.

How to make your foundation darker?

Mix in bronzer – This is especially good for skin with brown undertones

Mixing your foundation with a bronzer is a great way to make it more intense. This will darken the shade and give you that beautiful sun-kissed glow. People with a brown undertone or skin tone will love this. To achieve the desired effect, you can use it on your cheeks, nose and forehead to create a bronzed look. Mix with a darker shade of foundation

It would be best if you considered other darker or lighter foundations than the one you have

Blend your lighter foundation with the darker one to get a more exact foundation shade. Turmeric is for those with yellow skin undertones

Yes, you heard me right. Yellow is what you should be wearing if you are allergic to yellow. Undertones for your skin If you have a light foundation (many Indians do), turmeric can be a great addition. Turmeric is known for its super-staining properties. Even a small amount can stain your nails and hands. Please use the very smallest amount of turmeric for this purpose. You can mix a little turmeric into your foundation. Before you try this, make sure you do it at home. Add a tiny amount of turmeric to your already-light foundation. Blend, blend and blend very well. Your foundation should appear darker. For those with pink skin undertones – Blush

A blush can be a great way to add some color

If your skin has pink undertones. Use a small blush on your hand, and then blend your foundation. Apply the blush to your face once you have blended it well. Add Concealer

To create a customized foundation tone, you can mix a concealer a bit darker than your foundation. Always blend the foundation bit by bit, as too much can make the foundation appear too dark for your skin.

Mix with Tinted Moisturizer

Blend your tinted moisturizer or BB cream at home with your too-light foundation. Mixing the tinted moisturizer/BB cream with your too-light foundation can make it darker and closer to your skin’s color.

Face powder:

A great way to darken your foundation is with your face powder. A darker powder can be used over a too-light foundation to darken it and make it more effective.

Could you keep it for the Winters?

Sometimes our skin tone can change depending on the season. Summers can be harsh and intense, especially in India. Winters, however, are cool and dry. This makes the skin look tanned and darker in the summers and dry and whitish-than-other-times in winters. It is good to use a lighter foundation in winters, as it will match the skin better.


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