Want super soft skin but don’t have the money for a luxurious day at the spa? Well then this is the DIY post you need to read. I’ve been using this scrub for a few weeks now and it’s fair to say I’m in love!

Before I get into the step-by-step process I thought I’d share why I’m using the three ingredients and how it’ll benefit your skin.

Honey is full of antioxidants, which will help repair skin damage. It also is a natural antiseptic so it’s perfect if you’re breaking out because it’ll help disinfect the area. Plus it’s super moisturizing so it’ll leave your skin feeling soft and supple.

Coconut Oil/butter is amazing for hydrating the skin but is also full of vitamins A, C and E that are great if you’re after some anti-aging benefits. It also contains natural fatty acids that will help fight bacteria that cause your skin to congest and break out.
Sugar is a fantastic natural exfoliate that will help remove any dead skin or cellular build-up. It will also promote increased blood flow that will open your pores to remove dirt, oils and bacteria that may be trapped under the surface. The reason I’m using sugar in this scrub is over salt is because it’s more gentle (and smells delicious!)

You will need:
1 cup of Sugar
1 cupof organic coconut butter
¼ of organic honey
Large mixing bowl
Measuring cups
Jars or some sort of storage for your scrub!


1. Combine sugar, honey and coconut butter into the large mixing bowl.
Note: you may need to immerse your jar of coconut butter into hot water in order for it to become a liquid, as it’s easier to measure and mix together.
2. Now taking your fork mash any lumps of the coconut butter and ensure that all the ingredients are combined.

3. Now is the part where you can decide whether or not you’re happy with the consistency of the scrub. For me, mine was a little too runny so I added about ¼ more sugar to make the consistency a bit more substantial and ‘gritty’. Base this off your personal preference.
4. Taking your spoon give one last stir to ensure the consistency is as desired then grab your jars and start to pour your mix in!

It’s that simple! I love how this scrub is so easy to make but leaves your skin feeling incredible. I personally like to keep a jar in the shower for a pre-tan exfoliate session 🙂 And FYI it can be used as a face and lip scrub too…Win!
Tip: If you want to add a toning element for a brighter complexion try adding a squeeze of lemon juice to the mix!

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