Nalini has been putting her nail art skills to the test and have come up with this gorgeous floral manicure tutorial that was inspired by the jacaranda tree!
Here’s how to get the look:
1) Choose three shades for your base, the flowers and the branches. I’ve used Sally Hansen White On, OPI Muir Muir On The Wall and piCture pOlish Wisteria. You might also like to lay down some paper for your work surface so you don’t get your workstation dirty.
2) Select two fine tipped brushes to work with. I’ve used a fine point brush and a slant point brush for this. You can pick them up from eBay or alternatively, from arts and crafts shops like Riot!
3) After using base coat to prime and protect your nails, paint your nails with 2 layers of white polish, which will act as your base shade.
4) Allowing sufficient time for it to dry, dab on a little blob of brown paint on your work surface.
5) Dip your fine point in the blob, and then draw little swirls at random intervals on your nails to form branches.
I chose to keep the design on the perimeter of my nails, next to my cuticles, but you can put it anywhere you like!
6) Following a similar method as in Step 4, put a blob of purple paint on the work surface. Using your slant point brush, dip it in the purple polish and then dab it in dainty movements around the branches you drew in Step 5, to form the flowers.
7) Repeat for all nails and you’re done! This looks just as pretty as an accent nail as it does for a full manicure. 🙂 Give it a while to dry (or the design will smear) and then finish with a layer of topcoat to protect your design!

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