Oily skin can make it difficult to find the right products for your skin. You need to choose the right products for your skin type and be careful when choosing make-up. It would be a shame to have your make-up fall off and look messy at the end. The excess shine can seep through to oily skin. You need long-lasting, smudge-resistant make-up products that provide a matte finish if you have oily skin. Continue scrolling to discover the best make-up products for oily skin.

How to Prep Oily Skin before You Apply Make-up?

Thorough skin preparation is the key to beautiful skin, ladies. This simple routine will help you realize the importance of your skin. You won’t need to use as much make-up to correct all the “situations” that your skin may face. Here are the facts.

Cleanse, tone, and moisturize

Choose a cleanser that fits your skin type. For oily skin, a formula containing salicylic acids works wonders. This cleanser exfoliates your skin and cleans it without making it dry. Follow this with a moisturizer. The next step is to moisturize your skin with a cream or lotion. Apply it by pressing the product into your skin. Use an oil-free moisturizer.

Spritz On Rose Water Or A Finishing Mist

Rosewater can give a natural glow that will keep your skin looking supple and healthy all day. Apply it to your face and neck, and let it dry naturally. It is also possible to use a setting spray before applying your make-up. This helps prevent oils from getting into your skin.

Primer is Mandatory

A primer is essential to control your sebum production. A primer controls oil production and makes your skin smoother, and helps to keep your make-up on for longer hours. Your foundation will not disappear during the day. Use the Smashbox Photo Finish Oil-Free Pore Minimizing Primer to address all your skin issues.

How to apply make-up for oily skin?

After you have finished prepping your skin, it is time to apply make-up. Use quality products that mattify your skin. To combat shine and oil throughout the day, look for long-lasting, oil-free make-up.

What do you need?

  • Primer
  • Foundation
  • Blending sponge
  • Setting powder
  • Spraying

Make-up Tutorial for Oily Skin

These simple steps will help you achieve flawless make-up throughout the day.

Apply Your Foundation

After prepping your skin and applying your primer, it is time to apply foundation. Make sure you choose a foundation that will keep your skin matte. L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation is a great choice for oily skin. The formula lasts all day without fading or smudging, even in extreme heat. Keep in mind that less is more. Apply the product using a blending sponge. Make sure only to apply a thin layer.

Concealer is a must-have

You can apply a small amount of concealer to the problem areas and blend it out using your blending sponge for dark undereye circles, redness, or other concerns. The Maybelline Fit Me Concealer works well for oily skin. It’s lightweight, provides high coverage, and lasts all day.

Use a Powder

To set translucent powder on your face, use a damp beauty sponge. This trick is great for keeping oily skin matte and shiny longer. The NYX ProfessionalHD Translucent Finishing powder is mineral-based and is ideal for oily skin types. Use the damp sponge to apply the powder. Use a powder brush to cover the affected areas lightly to blend the powder.

Spritz On Some Setting Spray

Finish by spraying your setting spray all over your neck and face. Use a thin layer of the setting spray to avoid using too much. This will seal your make-up and keep it in place for many hours. To control oiliness and greasiness, you can use the All Day Setting Spray in Green Tea.

Do the rest of your make-up

Add a matte blush, bronzer, eyeshadow, and lipstick to finish your look.

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