When you hear “Ombre lips” do you often think of hideous over lined lips that you can only ever imagine in an editorial photoshoot or on a drag queen? Something like…

Well if you’re like me, and you normally cringe at the thought of ombre lips, then keep reading! People contour their face, their eyes, so why not their lips? This post is about how to get a flattering and wearable ombre lip that helps contour your lips to make them look fuller. I will be achieving an ombre lip using Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) Lip Tars.

To start with, I like to condition my lips, and lately I have been using the Lippy Girl Extra Virgin Vegan Lip Gloss. I apply this to my lips before I apply my makeup, and after I have applied my face of makeup and am ready to do my lips, I blot the remaining gloss off my lips. This ensures that my lips are nice and soft, but that the gloss doesn’t interfere with the lip product that I am about to apply.


I will be demonstrating a red and berry ombre look. This is more of a going out ombre lip, but you can change this to light pinks and nudes for more a more daytime appropriate look. For this look, I will be using the Lip Tars in Black Dahlia and also Radiate. You will also need a lip brush for this, but luckily Lip Tars come with mini OCC lip brushes! I will be using two quite contrasting shades, but you can easily use two similar shades to create a subtler look.

To begin with, you apply the darker shade to the outer corners of your mouth using a lip brush. I used the shade Black Dahlia for this.


I then filled in the remainder of the lip with the lighter shade. This shade is Radiate. Focus on getting the colour on the lips, and you can blend the two colours together next.


To blend the dark and the lighter shade together, all I do is pat the line where the two colours meet until the two shades look blended. You can use a brush or your finger to do this step. If you over blend and the colours start to muddle together too much, you can reapply some of the dark shade into the very corner of you lips, and the lighter/brighter shade into the very centre of the lip to make the shades more vibrant.


What I love about this look is that it is really flattering. The darkness in the corner of the lips and the brightness in the centre really makes your lips look fuller than a basic flat red lip.

You can have fun with this technique, and you can choose whichever colour combination you want. Here is another colour combination I did using exactly the same techniques, but I used the Lip Tar Hoochie in the corner and Beta in the centre.



You can achieve this look with any lip product, but I love Lip Tars because they come in a huge variety of shades, they are very opaque, and you can easily mix the shades to create your perfect colour.

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