Beauty will always be the norm regardless of society or period. It is something that almost everyone aspires to attain, a quality that has existed since the days when our ancestors lived in caves, and it is still common. Humans have always strived to look better and more impressive.

People have used artificial items, such as paint and rings, for years to enhance their appearance. The methods we use today are almost identical. Cosmetics are now available and used widely by women. But they are also popularly used by men. Right, guys?

Cosmetics can make someone look better by beautifying their skin or face. They are also an economical way to improve your appearance. Everyone wants to be beautiful. Cosmetic companies want that, and they even make luxury products for people who wish to be different from the rest of the population.

Don’t think that these products are cheap. They’re among the most expensive. You might be interested in finding out which cosmetic brands are the most expensive.

10) Smashbox

Smashbox was founded by the brother’s Dean and Davis Factor in Culver City, California. They borrowed the name from their photo studio, where the products were created. Estee Lauder bought the brand in 2010, making it even more popular.

Smashbox is a brand that specializes in lipsticks and eye products. They pride themselves on being photographed in a real studio and creating, testing, and photographing their products. It’s easy to see that their products are expensive. But, when you add the excitement of a model on every photo shoot, it’s not hard to imagine that there will be many clients.

9) Nu Skin

Nu Skin, a cosmetics company, was founded in Provo, Utah, in 1984. It sells its products in 53 countries through a network of 1.2 million independent distributors. Their focus is on anti-aging products, so they have over 200 products in their product line that will restore your youthfulness.

They are anti-aging products based on antioxidants. In 1996 Pharmanex was acquired by them. Although their multi-level marketing strategy was something to be afraid of in the early 1990s, Forbes listed them as one of the 100 Most Trustworthy Businesses in 2010. Everyone now uses them. Who knows? Perhaps it’s the anti-aging component.

8) Oriflame

Another well-known name in MLM is here. Oriflame Cosmetics S.A. was established in 1967 by Robert Jochnick and Jonas Jochnick in Sweden. Since then, they have sold personal care products, perfumes, and accessories in over 60 countries worldwide.

Oriflamme, the medieval battle standard of King of France, may have inspired the name. That flag signals that prisoners must not be taken to the battlefield until lowered. You may be wondering what the connection is between cosmetics and beauty. No idea. Perhaps they wanted to show that they won’t quit until they sell all their products, even the most expensive and promising. Their job is far from done.

7) Elizabeth Arden

Florence Nightingale Graham founded the company Elizabeth Arden Inc. in 1910. It began selling beauty products in America and grew into one of the most important cosmetic brands globally. They offer colour-coordinated makeup sets as well as a variety of skincare products.

In the late 1990s, they began to focus more on fragrance lines like Red Door, Fifth Avenue and Green Tea. These are some pretty interesting names. The company also realized that they have the right to license a few collections inspired by celebrities such as Britney Spears, Hillary Duff and Elizabeth Taylor.

6) Artistry

Artistry was founded by a couple passionate about science and nutrition in beauty. It is part of the Access Business Group and can be found in 108 countries.

These products are some of the most expensive, but they are made from African and Mediterranean fruits and plants so that you can expect high-quality beautification. We’re sure that the Artistry Creme LuXury is good enough for all mortals, Sandra Bullock being the brand’s face.

5) Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder was founded in 1946 and is an American manufacturer and seller of high-end cosmetics such as skin care products, hair care, and makeup.

They expanded their product range all over the globe, from Harrods in London and Hong Kong to Hong Kong. Today they are spread across the globe with a wide portfolio of companies and sales exceeding $10 billion.

4) MAC Cosmetics

Frank Toskan, Frank Angelo and Frank Toskan founded MAC Cosmetics in Toronto in 1984. They began by creating cosmetics for makeup artists but later expanded their reach to include high-quality professional makeup.

Their products can be found in more than 100 countries. With over 50 collections created each year, it’s easy to find clients in both the professional and everyday market. It has collaborated with artists such as Lorde, Rihanna and Proenza Schouler.

3) L’Oreal

L’Oreal, a cosmetic brand based in Paris, France, is one of the largest. Eugene Schueller, who was a chemist and developed the Aureale hair dye formula in 1909, started the company. They have been innovating and creating top-quality cosmetic products ever since, and they are now one of the most admired and respected cosmetic brands. They are also one of the most expensive.

They create various products, including hair colour, skincare, sun protection, makeup, perfumes, and hair products. In addition, they have entire labs dedicated to research in toxicology, dermatology, tissue engineering, biopharmaceuticals, and nanotechnology. It sounds more like a sci-fi movie that makes humans robots. We don’t know. They might be.

2) Mary Kay

Mary Kay Ash founded Mary Kay Ash’s company in Addison, Texas, in 1963. In 2011, it was the sixth-largest direct selling company worldwide. This is huge.

In 1989, they were the first to stop testing their products on animals. However, in 2012, their Hangzhou factory, China, was forced to revert to their old practices because of Chinese laws. Their business model is MLM, and their salespeople number around 3,000,000 worldwide.

1) Chanel

Chanel is a well-known and respected cosmetic brand that has been in business since 1909. They are associated with haute couture, luxury accessories, and cosmetics.

They sell their products in world-famous stores such as Galeries Lafayette and Bergdorf Goodman. In 2014, the company’s revenue soared to an incredible $6.7 billion. Imagine their prices.


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